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Personal health assessment and planning tool

Click here to learn about the new personal health assessment and planning tool. 

Health literacy knowledge bank

The health literacy knowledge bank provides guidelines and resources to help health professionals and patients interact effectively with each other.

Child abuse and family violence

The following resources will help you increase your understanding about child protection and family violence, and better prepare you to support your patients. 

ANZ special offer

Midlands Health Network practice staff are eligible for special rates on a range of ANZ's everyday and specialist banking products.

Contraception grant for beneficiaries

A special needs grant is being introduced to help women on benefits obtain or remove long-acting reversible contraception. 

Procurement of Vaccine Fridges

 Details of how to benefit from the group purchasing deals for vaccine fridges.

Criminal threat to infant formula

Ministry of Health advice for health professionals on the criminal threat to infant formula.

Clinical Matters - 29 September 2016

Read Management Matters for 29 September 2016

Management Matters 11 August 2016

Read Management Matters for 11 August 2016

Management Matters - 14 January 2016

Read Management Matters for 14 January 2016.

Workforce Trends 2009

This summary report from the 2009 workforce census covers general practitioners, practice nurses, and practice managers and administrators.

Health Care Home

Implementation of Pinnacle's Health Care Home began in 2011 at three practices in Hamilton.  Find out about our learnings so far.

Hospice Waikato education sessions for 2014

Click here for details on Hospice Waikato education sessions for 2014. 

Resuscitation and first aid courses by St John

Refer to this webpage for information on St John resuscitation and first aid courses. 

Waikato Hospital workshop: Academic Writing

All health professionals studying at a post graduate level in 2017 are invited to an academic writing workshop held at Waikato DHB.

Upcoming Government policy changes - what it could all mean for general practice

Pinnacle MNH chief executive David Oldershaw writes about what the early policy priorities of the new Government and what it could mean for general practice.

Keeping the commitment, easing the pace

Pinnacle MHN chief executive David Oldershaw writes about the latest in the Government policy negotiations.

LGBTQI healthcare saves lives

Pinnacle MHN held a LGBTQI education session earlier this month, with support from the Waikato Queer Youth organisation and Waikato DHB Sexual Health Clinic. 

Big outcomes for Health Care Home Lakes extended care team patients

The Lakes extended care team help general practice to support high-needs patients. Check out the latest patient outcome stories.

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