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All primary health organisations and their practices must comply with the PHO Enrolment Requirements when enrolling patients.  Resources are attached. Practice Portal

The patient website includes a portal for your practice to promote your services to patients. We have provided information on how you can get the most out of this FREE service.

Hamilton Children's Team

From 1 September 2015, health professionals in Hamilton city will be able to contact the Vulnerable Children's Hub about children you have concerns about. 

Prescription subsidy card - Information for patients

The Ministry of Health has created a poster and information sheet for patients about the prescription subsidy card scheme.

Newborn welcome letter

The Immunisation Portfolio Group has developed a "Welcome to our Practice" letter to be sent to the parents of newborns at around four weeks of age. 

Unpaid claim queries

Use these forms when querying unpaid claims. Save the form to your computer and type the claims into the form. 

Heartland Health

Heartland Health is a rural update for Pinnacle practices across New Zealand's largest rural network. 

Cremation of stillborn children

A message from the Ministry of Health regarding the cremation of stillborn children.

Immunisation - A team approach

This booklet covers all aspects of immunisation and is designed to support the everyday work practice staff do to ensure families receive the immunisations they need.

Rotovirus information for clinicians and patients

 Access Rotovirus information prepared by the Ministry of Health for clinicians and patients. 

Quality 2014 Resources

Refer to the Quality 2014 resources including forms, reporting sheets and more, to support practice teams in reaching the goals.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease resources to provide to patients. 


Diabetes resources for practice staff to share with patients. 

Smoking cessation

Smoking cessation resources for practice staff to share with patients. 

Section 2 - Practice environment and safety

Section 2 covers indicators 10-19 of the Foundation Standard. 

Section 4 - Professional Development

Section 4 covers indicators 30 and 31 of the Foundation Standard.

ANZ special offer

Midlands Health Network practice staff are eligible for special rates on a range of ANZ's everyday and specialist banking products.

Procurement of Vaccine Fridges

 Details of how to benefit from the group purchasing deals for vaccine fridges.

Criminal threat to infant formula

Ministry of Health advice for health professionals on the criminal threat to infant formula.

Practice Matters

View this week's Practice Matters and access recent editions. 

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