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Your working life will be better with the ManageMyHealth™ shared electronic health record and online patient portal.

National Child Health Information Platform

A national service to help parents and caregivers find the right health provider for their child.

Map of Medicine

The Map of Medicine website is a central hub of clinical pathways

Multidisciplinary teams

Pinnacle practices can refer patients to the multidisciplinary team to access services such as podiatry, social work, community pharmacy and dietetics. 

Heart and diabetes check campaign

Access resources to help promote the nationwide 'Get a heart and diabetes check' campaign to your patients. 

Risk Stratification

Risk stratification will help support your practice to better target care and funding to your patients with long term conditions. 

Personal health assessment and planning tool

Click here to learn about the new personal health assessment and planning tool. 

Self Management

Self management supports patients to be aware of their own responsibility and opportunities, and help them to remain fit, healthy and independent. 

Patient safety bulletin

Read the latest patient safety bulletin here.

BPI Reports

You can now access your Quality 2013 and Long Term Conditions Management Programme 2013 reports by logging onto bestpractice intelligence (BPI).

Service specification

This document describes the LTCMP in year two and looks at the expectations for years three to five.


There are a number of tools available to help you manage patients with long term conditions.  Click here to access information about these. 

Health literacy knowledge bank

The health literacy knowledge bank provides guidelines and resources to help health professionals and patients interact effectively with each other. Practice Portal

The patient website includes a portal for your practice to promote your services to patients. We have provided information on how you can get the most out of this FREE service.

After Hours Care

Midlands Health Network is working with local DHBs to help manage patients after hours and reduce ED admissions.  Posters are attached.

Palliative care regional changes

A revised palliative care project with a new service specification and provider agreement has been developed and will run from 1 November 2013. 

Medical Council and PHO memorandum of understanding

This memorandum of understanding clarify roles and responsibilities related to the regulation of doctors in NZ, including the management of any competence, conduct and/or health of doctors. 

Prescription subsidy card - Information for patients

The Ministry of Health has created a poster and information sheet for patients about the prescription subsidy card scheme.

Pandemic Planning

For regional and national pandemic resources visit the Ministry of Health website.  The link to more information is provided in this article.

Reporting Requirements

The Schedule of Age Sex Register Maintenance and Reporting Requirements have been developed to support practices to meet reporting requirements. 

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