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Almost half of all New Zealanders will experience mental health and/or addiction distress at some point in their lives, and general practice teams are often the first place a person will turn to for help. In fact, it is estimated at least 30 per cent of GP consultations are mental health related. 

Pinnacle Midlands Health Network's primary mental health service provides access to a range of services that support patients with mild to moderate mental health concerns. 

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Meet our team

Dr Andrew Darby has worked in the Waikato since 1995 and has experience across a range of psychiatric settings including the crisis service, private practice, general adult inpatient and community settings, drug and alcohol, and in clinical leadership as the clinical director for adult mental health. He's passionate about helping to change the ever-increasing tide of mental illness - helping people and clinicians to recognise and manage mental illness before reaching "the metaphorical cliff of despair."

Dr Maree McCracken is our GP lead for mental health and addiction at Pinnacle MHN. Maree is passionate about mental health service improvement. Email or 027 485 7847.

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