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Lean is a management approach that focuses on creating a culture of eliminating waste and continuous improvement. ONEteam is the name of the network's Lean programme.  

ONEteam is designed to teach everyone the benefits of removing overburden and waste in their work spaces, as well as improving the workflow and the quality, cost and delivery of a range of work place processes. 

Lean thinking and Lean tools were initially used in Pinnacle's model of care practices where positive feedback has been received. These practices have established their own internal Lean teams to drive the continuous ideas that the practice team come up with.

There are three main aspects to Lean:

  • Value-added - the work that customers are prepared to pay for, it has a clear outcome and it is done correctly
  • Non-value added - the work that uses time or resources but does not directly contribute to satisfying the needs of the customer
  • Waste - the components of the process that the customer does not want to pay for

Improve the way you work:

Lean thinking is for those who are passionate about improving the way they work.  

Lean can help

  • Improve flow of paper and people
  • Better manage quantity and range of stock
  • Organise common and individual work areas
  • Standardise work processes
  • The way staff solve problems
  • Drive value added work through a range of visual management opportunities
  • Emphasis where everyone fits in a process and how being a customer to each other is just as important as understanding who your external customers are
  • Make the way you work visible and transparent
  • Improve key areas that cause you rework, searching and waiting

Lean workshops:

General practice team staff have the opportunity to attend one of the many Lean training workshops taking place in each locality.  Using examples from primary health, participants will be learning the philosophy of Lean, including the theory behind and implementation of the top five Lean tools:

  1. 7 wastes of a process
  2. 5S workplace organisation
  3. Standardisation
  4. Visual management
  5. Problem solving

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