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Alternative funding options for counselling and support services

In addition to Pinnacle MHN primary mental health services, here are some other alternatives that may be available. All of the contact details for these organisations can be found on the Healthpoint website.

  • WINZ - Disability allowance of $60 per week that can be allocated to counselling fees.
  • EAP - Employee Assistance Program: three funded sessions of counselling for those  in employment with an organisation that provides EAP.
  • Womens Wellness Centre - Counselling and support for women, funding provided.
  • Community houses - Various support services.
  • Hospice - Counselling for patient and family members going through grief.
  • Salvation Army - Support services and counselling for alcohol and drugs.
  • Catholic Family Services - Counselling and supervision.
  • Family Works - Parenting support.
  • Shakti - Counselling, safe houses and support for Ethnic women.
  • Sharma - Support for ethnic women.
  • Shine - Domestic Abuse services.
  • Age Concern - Fellowship peer support.
  • Male Support Services - Support for men as survivors of sexual abuse.
  • Lifeline - Telephone counselling.
  • Lets Talk Wellbeing - Telephone counselling.
  • 1737 - Online, telephone support services/counselling.

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