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Primary Health Care Ltd is a not-for-profit company and is owned by Pinnacle Incorporated.  It was set up by Pinnacle to support and build a sustainable general practice network through ownership.

Primary Health Care Ltd:

  • owns and operates general practice businesses in a financially sustainable business model
  • develops and proves operating models for general practice that address the challenges of sustainability, including the increasing health burden of the population, the requirement for greater integration with other health care providers and the anticipated shortage of clinical staff
  • trials and proves new tools and initiatives developed by the network for practices
  • supports the roll out of the network's model of care and other key initiatives
  • provides options for general practices that are at risk of collapse or closure that would otherwise leave local communities without a viable primary care service. 

    Practices owned by Primary Health Care Ltd

    Avon Medical Centre

    Beerescourt Medical Practice

    Huntly West Medical Centre

    Lake Surgery Taupo

    Moa Medical

    NorthCare Grandview Road 

    NorthCare Pukete Road

    NorthCare Thomas Road

    Owhata Medical Centre

    Phoenix Urgent Doctors

    Tokoroa Medical Centre

    Waihi Beach Medical Centre

    Contact Primary Health Care Ltd

    For more information contact the Primary Health Care Ltd general manager Justin Butcher: or business manager Mark Taylor: