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Waikato Ultrasounds

From 1 July 2020 the following community radiology providers are able to accept direct referrals from GPs for non-urgent diagnostic ultrasounds.

This is a change which GPs have been looking forward to and which will reduce wait times for non-urgent ultrasounds. 

This service is separate and distinct from POAC agreements. 


This service is available to all patients within the Waikato DHB region. 

To refer 

Use the BPAC referral system and specify a provider who will contact the patient to arrange an appointment time. You may also like to advice the patient to contact the provider if they have not had heard back after one week.  

Participating providers

  1. Hamilton Radiology Limited
  2. Medex Radiology limited
  3. Pacific Radiology Group Limited
  4. River Radiology Limited
  5. The Ultra Sound Clinic Limited
  6. The Mercury Bay Community Radiology Trust
  7. Mahoe Radiology

There will be no charge for patients for the non-urgent ultrasound pathways listed below.

Non urgent referrals includes the following.


  1. Abnormal liver function test 
  2. Clinical biliary colic/Gall stone  
  3. Suspected Asymptomatic Aneurysm 


  1. Haematuria - microscopic 
  2. Chronic urinary retention 
  3. Renal Impairment: Progressive kidney disease, Polycystic kidney screening:FH1.
  4. Adult UTI  
Renal - paediatric 

  1. Two or more confirmed UTIs Age >6 months  


  1. Pulsatile mass for investigation 


  1. Primary amenorrhoea
  2. IUCD not visible
  3. Chronic  pelvic pain/suspected endometriosis 
  4. Abnormal  uterine bleeding 
  5. Suspected ovarian cysts 
  6. Intermenstrual or post coital bleeding   

For more information

Contact your practice development facilitator.

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