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Virtual insulin initiation during COVID-19

You can choose to start suitable patients on insulin via virtual consultation. This will still be funded under Primary Options.

There are a number of diabetes resources below from the three insulin companies which will aid any virtual insulin starts by zoom/video apps that you can choose to use. They are in PDF format and suitable for sending as educational documents to your patients before, during or after the virtual consultation. 

Please note there is a electronic request form for resources included from Sanofi. There is a section on Insulin initiation, titration and escalation from Dr Carl Peters in Auckland. Whilst this is one example of insulin start and titration, we advise that you follow the Waikato guidelines recommended by Waikato Diabetes Collaborative group as shown in this link.

There is also a great video you can share with your patients about getting started with NovoPen4. Send them this link for them to access it on YouTube:

For your reference the video is below.

For more information and advice Anne Waterman, Pinnacle diabetes nurse specialist, is available by phone for all Pinnacle practices across all localities - phone 027 642 5846. 

200428 How To Start Lantus In Type 2 Diabetes PDF 625.96 kB 200428 3 Day Blood Glucose Diary PDF 140.5 kB 200428 Weekly Blood Glucose Diary PDF 505.55 kB 200428 How To Use Solostar PDF 1 MB 200428 How To Use Savvio Pen PDF 1.47 MB 200428 Novocare Weekly Insulin And Blood Glucose Record PDF 171.84 kB 200428 Novocare Type 2 Diabetes PDF 1.83 MB 200428 Sanofi Resource Request Form PDF 414.79 kB 200428 Novomix 30 Guide PDF 4.95 MB 200428 The Facts On Apidra PDF 1.55 MB 200428 Solostar Injection Guide PDF 1.09 MB 200428 How To Start Apidra In Type 2 Diabetes PDF 188.22 kB All Star Pro Pen Guide For Patient Education PDF 2.39 MB

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