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St John sending ambulance care summaries to general practices

The St John and Wellington Free Ambulance electronic patient report form (ePRF) system has recently been enhanced to enable ambulance care summaries to be sent to GPs via Healthlink when their patient is seen by ambulance staff and not transported to a medical facility.

Sending ambulance care summaries to general practice teams will improve patients' continuity of care, ensure you are aware of an ambulance attendance to your patient and improve information sharing within the health sector. The ambulance care summary has been designed specifically for general practices, with feedback incorporated from the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners.

St John will start sending ambulance care summaries to general practices in the Wairarapa, Southern and Bay of Plenty DHB areas for two weeks commencing on 5 June 2020, prior to going live across the rest of New Zealand on 19 June. During the two week pilot phase, general practices outside the Wairarapa, Southern and Bay of Plenty areas may receive an ambulance care summary if one of their patients is attended to by ambulance staff within the Wairarapa, Southern or Bay of Plenty areas (for example, if a patient is on holiday in one of these areas).

Please see the 'Calling all GPs' poster (PDF) which provides further information, as well as a sample ambulance care summary (PDF).

Within the summary St John provides information on what to do if an ambulance care summary (ACS) is sent to the wrong practice - please see the top right-hand corner of this sample summary (PDF). This will occur for one of two reasons: either the NHI number is incorrect or the patient has transferred to another practice.

If you have any questions please email:

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