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POAC for the assessment of suspect COVID-19 cases

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic there is now funding available via POAC for the assessment of suspect cases. 

Practices can claim funding for the assessment of a suspected COVID-19 case as detailed below. 

  • The patient(s) must meet the Ministry of Health's case definition (as it stands at any given point in time).
  • There is to be no co-payment or GMS clawback.
  • Patients must be advised of test results.
  • These are funded for any patient who meets the Ministry case definition, irrespective of where the patient is enrolled or whether they are eligible for publicly funded healthcare. This enables you to claim for domestic and international visitors to your regions.
  • If you assess a patient, then send them to a CBAC or swabbing centre for a swab then you can claim the simple assessment.
  • If you assess a patient virtually you cannot claim the assessment. 

Please claim by selecting the COVID 19 assessments pathway and then either of the two services as detailed below. 

These claims will be back dated from Monday, 16 March 16 2020.

Indici practices please select the DHB when completing the service detail.

Simple COVID-19 Assessment ($120 excl GST)

  • Patient has mild symptoms
  • Visual check and basic observations
  • Swab undertaken if indicated

Complex COVID 19 Assessment ($250 excl GST)

  • Patient has moderate or severe symptoms 
  • Chest exam in the practice
  • Swab undertaken
  • Patient may require a follow-up check (included in this funding package)

For more information

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Sally Newell, clinical services manager, phone 021 150 8788.

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