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Māori health workforce pilot programme launches

The first primary Maori health workforce care assistant pilot programme, run by Pinnacle Midlands Health Network, Waikato DHB M?ori health unit Te Puna Oranga and Wintec, commenced this month at Wintec in Hamilton.

The 12-month pilot programme aims to further upskill Maori community health workers in their support of general practice and their communities. It is being piloted in the Waikato and attended by 10 Maori community health workers.

Maori health manager at Pinnacle Midlands Health Network, Rawiri Blundell, says graduates of the programme will "not only be able to apply knowledge of primary health care to support family and/or whanau in their communities, but also have improved social and cultural knowledge to help Maori engaging with general practice.

"The programme is about taking what we know works for Maori and challenging the primary health sector to consider the wider issues affecting the health and wellbeing of Maori.

Graduates of the pilot programme will attain a nationally recognised Level 4 health and wellbeing qualification.

"Kaimahi Maori is a vehicle by which huge differences can be made. This programme utilises culturally appropriate values and knowledge and also addresses those social determinates that contribute to poor health outcomes.

"With support and commitment from all sections of the community, Maori community health workers can help apply positive change that is sustainable and achievable; not just in the short term but for lifelong behavioural commitment."

The Maori health workforce care assistant pilot programme will run for 12 months across the Waikato. There is already interest from other Midland regions. Contact with any questions.


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