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2020: the year of the nurse and the midwife

2020 has been designated as the year of the nurse and the midwife by the World Health Organization, and Pinnacle is very keen to support this.

It is also the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale's birthday and a challenge has been issued to employers of nurses and midwives globally to engage in the "Nightingale Challenge". 

Each employer is encouraged to take part and asked to provide a leadership and development programme for nurses and midwives aged 35 years and under. Here at Pinnacle, we have signed up to the global challenge but have decided to extend it to all nurses so that those over 35 are included too, as part of their development programme. 

We are putting together a two-day programme for those enrolled, which will run over two separate days and focus on:

  • management and leadership of teams
  • development of self and others
  • resilience 
  • plus more!

The first of the two workshop days are planned for May and events will be held in each of the localities. The second day will form part of the inaugural Pinnacle nursing conference which is being planned for September. 

Workshop dates will be confirmed very soon. In the meantime we encourage you to speak within your practice to gauge interest, and importantly to gain support from practice managers and owners for nurses to enrol in the challenge. If you are keen to get involved please fill in this expression of interest form online - and keep an eye on Pin Points for more information. 

We see this as a key step in developing future leaders and will offer coaching and support for all on this journey. We would also love to highlight stories from around the network about nurses and the great things they are doing. Please feel free to contact Jan Adams or Hilde Mullins with anything you would like to share, and we will make sure these are circulated wider.

It's a great year for nurses and nursing with the global aim to improve health globally by raising the status and profile of nursing - we can all agree with that! 

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Find out more about Nursing Now and the Nightingale Challenge (PDF)

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