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2020: the year of the nurse and the midwife

2020 has been designated as the year of the nurse and the midwife by the World Health Organization, and Pinnacle is very keen to support this.

Nursing Now's international plans for celebrating 2020 included a challenge for organisations to grow nursing leadership, particularly in the under 35s. Pinnacle has committed to growing nursing leaders of ANY age as part of this challenge.

A bespoke leadership has been developed and will be delivered via ZOOM over 10 consecutive weeks. The first will be Thursday 11 June 7-8pm and every Thursday thereafter, covering 10 different topics using expert resource from within Pinnacle MHN as speakers. The sessions will be informal, low key and interactive between attendees. There is no cost and commitment to all 10 sessions is desired. We are recording each session for future resource and to allow for those circumstances where nurses know they are unable to attend. It is hoped we can repeat the series in future if there is demand

This is open to ANY nurse employed in a Pinnacle practice, or any Pinnacle MHN employed nurse

The topics are as follows:

  • Difference between leadership and management  - Jan Adams 
  • Introduction to HR management - Anna King
  • Beliefs and values - Christine Hall
  • Culture and its importance in organisations - Tammy Hebdirch
  • Interpersonal relationships and EQ/EI - Jayne Emerson
  • Navigating change in general practice setting - April McFarland
  • Leading and managing clinical teams - Melissa Davidson
  • Navigating the small and large 'p' of politics - Helen Parker
  • Patient voice and co-design -  April McFarland
  • Managing self/managing others- Kirsty Connell

To see more information about the speakers please see this information sheet. 
Videos and presentation slides will be added below as presentations are delivered.

If you have not yet registered, please contact Hilde Mullins nurse lead as soon as possible. A calendar invite with zoom link and information will be sent out the week of 1 June.

We see this as a key step in developing future leaders and will offer coaching and support for all on this journey. We would also love to highlight stories from around the network about nurses and the great things they are doing. Please feel free to contact Jan Adams or Hilde Mullins with anything you would like to share, and we will make sure these are circulated wider.

It's a great year for nurses and nursing with the global aim to improve health globally by raising the status and profile of nursing - we can all agree with that! 

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Find out more about Nursing Now and the Nightingale Challenge (PDF)

Week one: Jane Adams, Pinnacle MHN nursing director speaks on leadership and management

Download Jan's slide deck (PDF)

Week two: Anna King, Pinnacle MHN people and capability business partner introduces the fundamentals of HR management

Download Anna's slide deck (PDF)

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