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28 Aug 2020

POAC for the assessment of suspect COVID-19 cases

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic there is now funding available via POAC for the assessment of suspect cases.

14 Aug 2020

Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information and updates about COVID-19. 

14 Aug 2020

Pinnacle COVID-19 guides and resources

Download plans, guides and resources we've created for COVID-19

11 Aug 2020

Heather’s moving on

After 27 years with Kawhia Health Centre practice manager Heather Sherman is moving on, literally, in her (stunningly beautiful!) campervan with (equally stunning!) dog Jaxon by her side.

14 Jul 2020

Signatureless prescriptions using electronic prescribing

Signatureless prescriptions using the electronic prescribing set to continue post COVID19 response. 

6 Jul 2020

Meet Liza Fairbairn, GP liaison for Tairāwhiti

Liza has been a GP for over 15 years, initially in the North of England and now in Gisborne, New Zealand.

1 Jul 2020

National immunisation schedule update

The first set of changes to the national immunisation schedule for 2020 come into effect from 1 July 2020

1 Jul 2020

Applications for Pinnacle nursing and medical scholarships now open

Pinnacle has launched two $10k annual scholarships that will be awarded to a nurse and GP with ideas to improve equity or access issues in primary care. 

29 Jun 2020

Pre-departure COVID-19 testing

Increasingly there is a request for pre-departure COVID-19 testing of those returning to their home countries.

25 Jun 2020

St John sending ambulance care summaries to general practices

The St John and Wellington Free Ambulance electronic patient report form (ePRF) system has recently been enhanced to enable ambulance care summaries to be sent to GPs via Healthlink when their patient is seen by ambulance staff and not transported to a medical facility. 

24 Jun 2020

Waikato Ultrasounds

From 01 July 2020 the following community radiology providers are able to accept direct referrals from GPs for non-urgent diagnostic ultrasounds. 

17 Jun 2020

Where’s the devil when you need that detail?

Initial response to the Health and Disability System Review: Final Report

28 May 2020

2020: the year of the nurse and the midwife

2020 has been designated as the year of the nurse and the midwife by the World Health Organization, and Pinnacle is very keen to support this. 

27 May 2020

Designing a system to improve health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders

Pinnacle CEO Helen Parker blogs on why she's advocating for a system restructure.

15 May 2020

Health Budget 2020: Triumph of hope over experience?

 A blog by Pinnacle CEO Helen Parker

13 May 2020

COVID-19 primary mental health supports

The psychosocial concerns experienced during 2020 will be influenced by the impact of COVID-19. There will be social and financial issues - relationships strained, job losses. There are a range of things available that may help.

7 May 2020

Developing a thriving general practice workshops

Developing a thriving general practice, how to apply the principles of strategic business planning and learning from the Health Care Home programme to your business planning, practice management and service development. 

30 Apr 2020

Virtual health for COVID-19

Dr Jo Scott-Jones shares some tips and tricks to help you get started with virtual health services, which could help with working during COVID-19 in a range of ways.

28 Apr 2020

Virtual insulin initiation during COVID-19

Insulin initiation and diabetes annual reviews during COVID-19

28 Apr 2020

Update on antidepressants during COVID-19

Fluoxetine and Sertraline access challenges, depleting stocks of Nardil (Phenelzine tablets), and antidepressants in pregnancy are all covered in this update from Dr Andrew Darby, primary care psychiatrist.

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