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Community Pharmacy: Information for Pinnacle General Practices

    Services provided in community pharmacy

    Emergency Contraceptive Pill Service

    • Emergency Contraceptive Pill (ECP) free to under 25 year olds 
    • Pharmacists must be ECP accredited to provide this service

    Smoking Cessation Counselling

    • Free Smoking Cessation Counselling and support with NRT (where appropriate) for patients who wish to quit smoking.  The aim is to remove barriers for patients accessing smoking cessation services and support, patients may be provided NRT at the time of consult or referred to GP for Champix 
    • Pharmacists must be accredited and complete MidCPG training programme and ABC 

    SSRI Education and Support

    • Free standardised education, support and monitoring for patients initiated on a SSRI with mild to moderate depression 
    • The service focuses on increasing medication adherence and optimising the use of SSRIs 
    • Pharmacists must be accredited and complete the MidCPG SSRI training 

    Oral Anticoagulant Counselling (Warfarin and Dabigatran)

    • Free comprehensive, standardised medication education to reduce the risk of warfarin and dabigatran-related adverse events and optimise warfarin and dabigatran therapy 
    • To improve patients' understanding of their warfarin so they can better manage their own therapy and ideally attempt to reduce warfarin-related hospital admissions 
    • Pharmacists must be accredited and complete the MidCPG OAC training 

    Medicine Use Review (MUR) in Community Pharmacy

    • Free service with the aim to improve a patient's understanding and adherence of their medication 
    • This service does not involve a clinical medication review but focuses on patient's medication adherence and medicine knowledge 
    • The service targets patients with Diabetes, CVD and Respiratory conditions 
    • Pharmacists must have completed PSNZ MUR accreditation and hold an MUR contract with Waikato DHB 

    Medication Waste Disposal

    • All pharmacies in the Waikato have access to a free and safe medication waste disposal system for them and their patients 

    Sharps Container provision and Disposal Service

    • Free service offered to all diabetic patients over 20 years 
    • Safe disposal system for diabetes related sharps 

    Services provided external to community pharmacy

    Mobile MUR Pharmacist Service

    • MidCPG employs two Mobile MUR Pharmacists providing services to patients across the Waikato.  
    • Mobile MUR Pharmacists also arrange medication education sessions/forums for patients/kaumatua groups across the Waikato. 

    What is a Medication Use Review (MUR)?

    A MUR is a FREE one on one session between a patient and a MUR qualified pharmacist. MURs are intended for patients with medicines adherence issues and/or poor understanding or confusion with their medicines. 

    The aim of a MUR is to improve patients adherence to their medication by improving understanding of  medicines, and when and how best to take them.  The mobile pharmacist receives a referral to visit the patient. The mobile pharmacist then gathers information on the patients medication to ensure the most up to date list of medicines is developed. The mobile MUR pharmacist will visit the patient in their own home (whanau, caregivers are welcome to attend sessions) and develops strategies with the patient and their whanau to resolve any issues in order to improve medication adherence. Once the visit has been completed, a report will be sent to patients GP, referrer and patients regular pharmacy.

    Clinical Pharmacist

    The clinical pharmacist is a link between primary and secondary Care and has been employed to work with patients having the hardest time dealing with their medicines (for example, are on complicated drug regimes; have frequent hospital admissions; have poor renal function, etc).  The clinical pharmacist will undertake a thorough review looking at doctors notes, laboratory results and other relevant information to form the best picture about the patient and their medications. The clinical pharmacist will work with  the patient (whanau/caregivers) and their doctor to ensure they are on the best medication regime and also that it fits with their lifestyle. 

    Other services

    There is a range of other services available to patients from community pharmacy.  This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Flu vaccinations 
    • Pertussis/Dip/Tb vaccinations 
    • Shingles vaccination 
    • Meningicocl vaccination  
    • Trimethorpin consulation and provision 
    • Chloramphenicol consulation and provision 

    Contact Midland Community Pharmacy Group

    For more information about Midland Community Pharmacy Group and the services community pharmacy can offer your practice, contact  07 858 5921.